Information and common questions about counselling

What is counselling and how might it help you?

Counselling is a way of working that is completely collaborative and equal between the client and counsellor.

The aim is to build a therapeutic relationship which feels very different from other relationships. The counsellor does not have all the answers, but offers a confidential non-judgemental relationship that will allow you the opportunity to explore situations and experiences which might be causing you difficulties. These sometimes stem from the past, and emotions can surface and may sometimes be painful. However working with an empathic and skilful counsellor, often brings about change. This is quite different from chatting things through with friends. The idea is for you to recognise what might be causing your confusion and unhappiness and learn ways of managing or strategies to help you improve your wellbeing.

Q. How long is a session?
A. One hour

Q. How often should I came along to counselling?
A. Usually once a week, but it can be less if it suits you better

Q. How many sessions would I need?
A. We can work open-endedly, which means as long as you feel it’s helpful, or in a more short-term, solution- focused approach within a set number of sessions. This is something we can talk more about at our initial meeting.

Q. Is counselling only for severe problems?
A. Most people come to counselling for everyday issues like relationship problems, stress, and symptoms of depression. Counselling can be helpful for individuals suffering from severe problems, like abuse.

Q. Will everyone know I’m seeing a counsellor?
A. Counsellors work to the ethical framework of the organisation that they are affiliated to and confidentiality is part of that. it is usually fully explained during the first session.

Q. How much will counselling cost?
A. Costs are :

Individual counselling £50 per hour
Couples counselling £55 per hour
Supervision £55 per hour

However as I feel it’s important for you to find the right counsellor, I offer a free initial telephone call, where we can discuss how counselling could work for you.
If you are finding it difficult to finance counselling, contact me as I do offer a small number of places in this situation.

Q. Are you available at weekends and evenings?
A. I work during the day and some evenings.

Please telephone or email me to arrange an appointment.

Q. Where do you work from?
A. My private practice is based at The Margaret Jackson Centre, 4 Barnfield Hill, Exeter, EX1 1SR. There’s a map at the bottom of this page.

Q. Do you offer counselling to student counsellors?

A. I offer counselling to student counsellors at a lower rate. Give me a ring for further information.



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