The relationship is the key

I believe the relationship is key in successful therapeutic work. Consequently, I would work with you, building a comfortable relationship between us and providing you with a safe space in which you could unload your difficulties.

This could help you to feel safe and comfortable enough with me, to open up and explore your private thoughts and could be the reason why you might feel ready to work with me, to try to resolve the difficulties you are encountering, past or current.

Offering a genuine warmth, empathy and respect, I’ll encourage you to express your thoughts and feelings. This might help you to see your situation from a different perspective, which can help to reduce the anxiety, confusion and unhappiness which can surround us all at different times in our lives.

Drawing on my training and experience, I would use a variety of approaches tailored to you as an individual, to support and teach you to identify, build and create new skills, strategies or ways of looking and going forward and to manage in your personal challenges. Essentially, I work with the person rather than the issue, to find what helps the individual.

If this appeals to you, please, give me a ring or email me and we can begin by talking, to gauge how you feel. It is essential that you choose a counsellor you feel comfortable with and if that is the case with me, perhaps we can work together to begin your journey.

BACP Registered and Accredited. Counselling in Exeter, Devon